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We invite CHN members to produce their own interview-TED talk style TV shows on topics of value and interest

City Hindus Voice Launch
We invite members of to produce their own interview-TED talk style TV shows on topics of value and interest with interviewees of the highest caliber. This is going to help people express their voice and help their community and connect more people. Plus creating your own show – welcome to 2020 jobskills. Watch this video by CHN Chair Alpesh Patel to know how

Express your views through City Hindus Voice
City Hindus Voice is open to all:  Find your voice and speak up on something you are passionate about. Take a look at the How To resources CHN has created on the City Hindus Voice page. We teach you how to create your own video and find something of passion that you can speak about. Create your voice, develop your style and speak up on any topic you feel strongly about.

Make your voice heard through your own TV show. Here are some tips and tools to get you started

Online Mentoring - Publishing

As part of City Hindus Voice¬† we are promoting online mentoring in publishing. Johnson & Alcock’s Page One is inviting writers to apply to its online mentoring scheme. For more details check

Mentoring - Journalism

City Hindus Voice is happy to promote the John Scofield Trust an organisation that supports young journalists. The organisation helps mentor and train aspiring journalists. City Hindus similarly gives our members a platform to voice their opinions and provides tips and tools on how to make and produce a good show. For more details check